Genmai Matcha

Benefits about Kenmai-Matcha.

The benefits of drinking Genmai-Matcha

Wonderfully roasty everyday green tea that is easy to brew.

Our Genmai-Matcha consists of a blend of green tea leaves, stems, Matcha (powdered tea leaves) and hulled brown rice kernels. Popular for its mellow toasty flavor, rich in Vitamins B and C.

Drinking Genmai-Matcha on a regular basis can help boost your immune system and also helps drain toxins from your body.

Seriously one of my favorite teas to brew because its pretty “fool proof.” You don’t need to be a tea wizard to brew yourself a mellow cub ofGenmai-Matcha. All you need is boiling water and 20-30 seconds and vuala, you’ve got yourself a cup of liquid Zen.

We’ve found that beginners in tea have a high acceptance rate for Genmaicha in general because the roasted grown rice balances the mildly astringent bitterness of green tea leaves and stems. The nutty flavor and aroma of the roasted brown rice makes it easy to enjoy a wholesome cup of green tea without it tasting too earthy-green.

Most people get My Green Tea’s Genmai-Matcha confused with regular “Genmaicha.” Ours has Matcha powder added into what one could call a traditional batch of Genmaicha, basically giving you an extra boost of rich Matcha flavor as well as all the wonderful benefits that go with it.

Here is an interesting historical factoid to add to your cup of tea: in Japan, Genmaicha was originally drunk by the poor. Rice was actually used as a filler to reduce the price of the tea, which is why it also known as the “people’s tea.” But obviously the flavor has proven too good for just the poor and has since been enjoyed in Japan for centuries.

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