Marushichi Tea is MY GREEN TEA ^_<

My Green Tea is a small family run Japanese green tea distributer operating from Seattle, Washington since 1996. We are proud to source our loose leaf and teabags from Marushichi tea family.

(available online at:

At My Green Tea our mission is very simple, its is to source the finest green tea Japan can offer. When it comes to Japanese green tea, everybody knows that the best is produced in Shizuoka, the green tea capital of Japan.

Marushichi is a Shizuoka tea company with an impeccable reputation that is beloved and employs people within the community. Frankly there is no one that is more professional and dedicated to the quality of tea than the Marushichi tea family. They procure their leaves from select farmers whose families have been growing tea for generations.

The Marushichi tea family have been recognized and awarded for their excellence by both the Imperial palace of Japan and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, & Fisheries of Japan.

Our job as My Green Tea is to humbly bring this amazing tea to you. With love. ❤️

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