About Us

A single bag of tea makes its way from Japan to a small family in Seattle, Washington...


In 1996, a close friend of Eugene Levy presented a bag of tea from Shizuoka, the famous tea prefecture of Japan. Having been away from his native Japan for fifteen years, Eugene had all but forgotten the gustatory flavor of traditional Japanese tea.

He was most impressed by the delectable quality of the tea's authentic taste and a bit overwhelmed by the nostalgia of his life in Japan swelling with each methodical sip.

When Sachiko—Eugene's wife—served the tea to their friends, they were collectively surprised at the richness, expressing a strong desire to purchase bags of their own.

Eugene and Sachiko immediately searched out the supplier in Shizuoka to make a purchase, only to discover that the company did not ship personal orders to the United States.

Never easily discouraged, Eugene countered that a crowd of friends was interested in purchasing the tea as well. The supplier finally acquiesced.


The word spread in the Seattle area, and the frequency of orders increased fivefold, prompting Eugene and Sachiko to begin branding the tea themselves.

My Green Tea was born.

But they couldn’t have done it alone.

Nicole and Marcia were barely 10 and 8, but they got their first taste of weights and measures, stuffing and sorting, stacking and packing, tagging along on delivery runs...

They're still... indispensable.

As an intimate family enterprise, we distribute our tea to local grocers like Uwajimaya, H-Mart, the Central Market, and a number of prominent restaurants across the Seattle area.

And over the past 14 years we have never stopped researching... delving into the science of perfect brewing, the production process, and the history of this ancient anodyne. Our current suppliers are equipped with cutting-edge technology, each and every one sharing our vision.

Join us in this vision and experience the rich tranquility accompanied with a perfect cup of tea.

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