Joraku 30gm

Also known as Pure Serenity, is a smooth Matcha blend produced by the Nishimura family.

Matcha, before going through a granite mill, is known as Tencha, or Heaven Tea.

Usually enjoyed in traditional Japanese tea ceremony, this finely powdered green tea leaf is consumed in it's entirety, allowing the drinker to experience the finest health-rich qualities the tea plant has to offer.

The Nishimura family’s Joraku Matcha is a smooth, “casual” ceremonial grade Matcha produced in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. The Joraku is an excellent choice for Matcha beginners for its light, yet not so bitter aftertaste. The Nishimura family has been producing quality Matcha since 1942 on their family-owned fields. Their tradition and spiritual connection to Tea is famous in the Kyoto prefecture.

NOTE: To enjoy full health benefits and fresh vegetal flavor of our Matcha, we recommend consuming it within 4-5 weeks of opening.

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