Sencha Gold Loose Leaf 100gm

Sencha Gold is our finest loose leaf green tea. Is a traditional favorite for its rich grassy umami flavor.

Sencha Gold consist mainly of “Shincha,” or the first harvest of the season, known for being the highest of quality as it is the most abundant in antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. The young green tea leaves are deeply steamed in a process known as “fukamushi,” a process unique to Japan. The deep green flavor has a very subtle sweet finish, and is the paragon of traditional Japanese green tea. Rich in mainly Vitamins C and E, it is laden with health benefits. An effective antioxidant and anti-carcinogen, also known to help with weight loss and bad breath.

Brewing your loose-leaf tea is the best way to deepen your appreciation for this ancient elixir because every step of the process requires your presence.

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