Sencha 100-5gm Teabags

Consisting of only young green tea leaves, its deep, pure green tea flavor is the paragon of traditional Japanese green tea. Rich in Vitamins C and E, and Catechin, Sencha is laden with health benefits. An effective anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogen, also known to help with weight control.

There are a count of one hundred, 5gm pillow shaped teabags of Sencha in each of the following resealable packages. The 5gm bags are mostly used for one-time teapot use. There is no need for a straining apparatus thus making this an easy to clean. No mess. No Stress. All you need is a teapot to brew it in and you're ready to Zen out.

*We at My Green Tea strongly encourage enjoying your tea in loose leaf form, as it is more economical, environmentally friendly, healthier, and more robust in flavor.

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